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Fulfullment Services - Packing

Let us save you time and money by outsourcing all your fulfillment needs to Federal Fulfillment. We can customize a shipping program that is best-suited to your business. As we receive your orders, we quickly pick, pack and ship from our Distribution Center.

Federal Fulfillment is a direct extension of the manufacturer in providing remote warehousing, inventory storage, put-away, picking, packing and next day shipping of forward moving products. With our central location in the US, the Chicagoland area is a major hub of shipping and logistics for the entire country.

The Packing, Logistics and function is a multi-functional job. The worker typically takes a box and places the individual items and any other specified materials into the carton. Once this is all prepared the package is ready to be shipping and sent to the designated area. Federal Fulfillment is a direct extension with providing order fulfillment, pick/pack/ship, inventory warehousing, logistics management, discounted express shipments, returns processing, detailed shipment reports and custom package and assembly.

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